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Micro Prophet - Canadian Electro's Men on the Hill

So, I don't think Ottawa is really up on a hill but hey - they do want your vote.

Micro Prophet apparently crew up together in the small beach town of Kingston, probably going to Bubba's for late night pizza but now they're in Ottawa creating a dance scene that the city hasn't felt there before.

When listening to their productions and the limited live video out there you quickly get feel for the classic house with electro edge that they are promoting. More importantly they are bringing something to the table that all electro fans crave - real dance parties that don't stop when the lights go on in the rest of the city.

Currently working parties and weeklies around Ottawa (and apparently a chill stint in Hamilton on May 1st), Micro Prophet are ready to take the main stage - go see them.

      April 2010 Live Teaser
Download: Micro Prophet - April 2010 Live Teaser

Above is a little taste of the live set they dropped this past Thursday but I expect much more to come, checkout the tracks below to keep the vibe alive. And remember... there is more to come -  look out for their upcoming EP Drop Legs coming out on the Toronto based Jexonex

Download: Micro Prophet - General

      Steel Your Soul
Download: Micro Prophet - Steel Your Soul

      Pull Up (Micro Prophet remix)
Download: The Party Squad - Pull Up (Micro Prophet remix)

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