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Deux Helix - Dei Somnium Mix

Deux Helix is Judy and E, an act "orchestrated by Existence and Creation".

I guess that just means they are from L.A. (they are). It seems like L.A. is full of Fake Plastic Trees, in the Valley (OH!) - or amazing counter culture noize acts like HEALTH.

They just have slayed out their April mix entitled Dei Somnium, which brings more of what we've come to expect from Deux Helix. Music inspired by the chemical imbalances in our body accented by a nice beat. Deux Helix is like an episode of The Magic School Bus on a mild opiate. So enjoy.

I've included a few tracks, including their remix of Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club which was released on Tiga's Label Turbo Recordings . Apparently they will also have a new remix of Simian Mobile Disco's Ambulance. (don't worry I'll hold them to it)

      Peanuts Club (Deux Helix Remix)
Download: Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Deux Helix Remix)

Boys Noize - Transmission (Deux Helix Remix) by Deux Helix

Univers Parallèle by Deux Helix

Support Before the Turn / Mix

Deux Helix - Dei Somnium - April 2010 Mix

Dei Somnium Mix by Deux Helix


01. Deux Helix - Neocortex
02. Zoo Brazil - Manic
03. Les Gillettes - Pompeii (Obi Blanche Remix)
04. Deux Helix - Psychosis II
05. Unknown - Unknown
06. Boys Noize - Transmission (Deux Helix Remix)
07. Etienne de Crécy - Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix)
08. Boys Noize - Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
09. "?" - Wave Mechanics
10. PYQ - Retro Hell
11. Zinc - Music Makers
12. Deux Helix - Ataraxia
13. Deux Helix - Dark Matter
14. Jori Hulkkonen - Man From Earth (Astronomer Remix)

Dance · Electro · Mixtape


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11 years ago

Love it!!!