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One To Watch: Jesse Boykins III

Soul music's latest ray of sunshine comes in the form of 25 year old New Yorker, Jesse Boykins. In a time where real soul music seems to be diluted and lost in the midst of R&B and more commercial sounds, Boykins' melodic soulful vocals, accompanied with a variety of pure sounding instruments, takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the neo-soul heyday.

Born in Chicago, Spent his early childhood in Jamaica, raised in Miami and now lives in New York city, Boykins' music is as diverse as his upbringing, exuding classic soul, in a contemporary manner, with hints of old skool jazz and rhythm and blues mixed in. He's already put out two albums (Dopamine: My Life On My Back and The Beauty Created) independently and recently did his first live show in London, winning rave reviews and gaining a whole new fan base in the process, with SocietyandStyle.com saying it's "safe to say London loves Jesse Boykins III."

With a host of gigs lined up this summer and a live presence that can sway even the most hostile concert goer, it's only a matter of time before this rising soul star is a household name.

Enjoy: Jesse Boykins III - Itis

Enjoy: Jesse Boykins III - Tabloids

Enjoy: Jesse Boykins III - Amorous

Enjoy: Theophilus London - Life Of A Lover (ft. Jesse Boykins)

Experimental · Feature · R&B · Soul


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11 years ago

his voice is amazing!

10 years ago

this type of music should rule the world, but unfortunately the people out there are to stuck on superficial images. I LOVE THE MUSIC, BOUGHT IT FROM AMAZON MP3