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Wiz Khalifa presents... DayToday Special: I Love My Job...

With his new mixtape, Burn After Rolling, coming in the next couple of weeks, Wiz Khalifa has dropped a special DayToday episode that gives us a peek into its conception. If you have never seen a DayToday before, it's primarily just watching the daily antics of what your boy gets into on day-to-day basis. Wiz's drawn out flow and rhythmic lyricism has garnered him a lot of attention, thus creating anticipation for this next mixtape without any machine behind it. These DayToday webisodes have played an intricate role in his self promotion and viral marketing. Anywho, check it out below and take a look at another episode after the jump.

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday Special: I Love My Job...

In case you havent had the opportunity to see a daytoday before, here is a good example. This happens to be one of the more informing and enjoyable episodes.

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday ep. 4/20 "Because I got High"

Keep Listening.



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