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COMBO: Blu and David Ellis Graffiti Timelapse Collaboration

I'm sure most people remember the timelapse that Blu did called MUTO. Well Blu is BACK and this time he's working with David Ellis. David Ellis is already famous for producing amazing timelapse videos in the first place and now they have both come together to make one of the most amazing artforms I have ever seen. You will be speechless when you watch the video because you can see all of the effort that must of been put into this. Ever since MUTO i've been wondering when Blu was gonna put out something as amazing and he's done it.  The video is called COMBO and it was featured at this year's Fame festival. The sound was done by Helado Negro who is also amazing. Check out the video below and be amazed.

Blu & David Ellis - COMBO

Previous Video:

Blu - MUTO



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