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New Kid Cudi - "Man on the Moon" Leak

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Oh Cudder how I love thee.. So we brought you the radio rips a couple days ago, now the CDQ's have been released.. on top of that, caught wind that Man On The Moon: The End of Day was actually leaked yesterday.. even if it did, I truly only see it benefiting Cudi, which is obviously a good thing cause you should all be going out and supporting my dude come September 15th.. "Pursuit of Happiness" alone is cause enough to do so.

Anyways, the CDQ of "Pursuit of Happniess" is here, an amazing track produced by the electronic iconic duo RATATAT. We also came across 2 more tracks that, first one being "Alive" the second track in the album ft. RATATAT.. and again, its nothing short of amazing.. might be because I have a school boy crush on RATATAT as you can tell. Both "Alive" and "Pursuit of Happiness" are apart of ACT 4: Stuck on the album. Last track is "Up, Up, & Away," labeled "The Wake & Bake Song." Its definitely different.. its upbeat and poppy, its the type of song after waking up and getting that first cup of coffee, you crank and dance alone as gay as possible in your room. These 3 tracks alone have sold the album to me, and can guarantee you I'll be supporting cudi come September 15th.. in which you mooks should be doing the same.. SUPPORT CUDDER! Check it out and enjoy:


      15 Up

Download: KiD CuDi - Up, Up, And Away (The Wake And Bake Song)

      13 Pusuit of Happiness

Download: KiD CuDi - Pusuit of Happiness (Feat. MGMT And Ratatat)

      10 Alive

Download: KiD CuDi - Alive (Feat. Ratatat)



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