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autoKratz LP debut! "Ani-mal" + Yuksek Remix

The Kitsune signed, London (UK) duo "autoKratz" have been kicking around my (and probably your) rotation for a little while now. For the most part I didn't pay much attention, but today I caught wind of their debut album "Ani-mal" aka "Animal", so I figured I'd give it a spin.

With some driving beats that an electro artist is supposed to use (looks like a Korg MS-20 there, surprise surprise), but they cocoon these little gems with melodic vocals which could spin beside some Cut Copy or Van She - overall I am digging this album.

Checkout video for the Single and Track No. 1 "Always More" Download: autoKratz - Always More

One of the instantly appealing tracks which (imho) is begging for a remix is "Stay the Same", video below:

One of the standout tracks (for me) on this album is "Past Your Heart"

Download: autoKratz - Past Your Heart

and now finally, enjoy a Yuksek remix.

Download: autoKratz - Always More (Yuksek Remix)

Now it looks like they also released some new swag, including this new tee by Nishi Yoshiro at Ralph Tokyo.
(available on their myspace)

autokratz shirt

Electro · Synth Pop


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10 years ago

Correct me if I am mistaken... Did they just sampled a SFX from Sonic The Hedgehog?