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Cicada - Roulette

The wait for Cicada's album is over; Roulette has been released to the public on Critical Mass.

Most of you have heard at least some of the material off of  Roulette already, with two EP releases with Metropolis remixes by Charlie Fanclub, Kenson & The Twelves and Falling Rockets touched up by Just A Band and Moulinex. This release is pretty intense; it will definitely get your feet moving . Icelandic vocalist Heidrun Anna Björnsdottir (formerly of GusGus) has a very recognizaebale voice that mixes extremely well with the electronic push from producers Aaron Gilbert (aka Mr. Natural) and Alex Payne. Give it a listen, get down on that boogie.


Download: Cicada - Falling Rockets  (Just A Band Remix)


Download: Cicada - Metropolis (The Twelves Remix)

Dance · Electronica


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