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Air - Love 2 album confirmed

Today is a good day for electronica heads far and wide. French duo AIR have confirmed the details on their new album "Love 2", set to release later this year.

I'm all about France's continuous output of super calm electronic music. However, none of the groups I have heard in a bit have been able to bring the right amount of dance music as well as the Gallic influence; a sound that has gotten Air famous. Let us also not forget the Virgin Suicides soundtrack they did, and how the music for that movie was the epitome of perfect.

'Love 2' will be preceded by the single 'Do The Joy', which is due to be released digitally on July 7th. Air will then follow this with the physical release of the single 'Sing Sang Sung' on August 25th.

Air are due to release their new album 'Love 2' on October 6th.

Tracklisting is as follows:

'Do The Joy'


'So Light Is Her Footfall'

'Be A Bee'

'Missing The Light Of The Day'

'Tropical Disease'

'Heaven's Light'

'Night Hunter'

'Sing Sang Sung'

'Eat My Beat'

'You Can Tell It To Everybody'

'African Velvet'


Download: Air - Playground Love


Download: Air - Sexy Boy

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