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Introducing Two Door Cinema Club - Pop You Can Dance to

warning, this band is not for the depressed (unless really happy/catchy music cures you) - its real pop music.

I first herd of these boys after a friend came back from Paris and took a walk into the Kitsuné pro shop. She found these guys sitting on the table and picked 'em up.

They arn't for everyone, as well...you could say they are for the masses. Blending Ben Gibbard vocals (at times) with organ backings and straight forward/hooky guitar riffs, these 3 guys from (I presune) the UK/France scene will make some sort of a splash. They haven't gotten the full remix treatment yet, but given the lack of material available (only one single really), and the lack of exposure - I think these guys have a chance of generating some interest.

Let's hear the single:


Download: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (Radio Edit)

Things might be perking up seeing as Annie Mac of Radio1's Mashup chose to include them on her tracklist for this past week. (Note, I'll try to remember to update the link to the tracklisting once the new show is up and this weeks tracklist is archived)

So lets hit the songs, videos, and the remix. (Yes only one)


Download: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

Download: Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Marty

To start off the rest of the songs - lets do the one remix I could find by Cinema Club.


Download: Panama Kings - The Angler (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

Now some of the tracks we could find.


Download: Two Door Cinema Club - Do You Want It All?


Download: Two Door Cinema Club - Hands Off My Cash, Monty

edit: mp3s fixed, thanks kevin!

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