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B.o.B. - Put Me On (Behind The Scenes)

Here is a behind the scenes glimpse of B.o.B(Bobby Ray) new video from the single "Put Me On." The single is actually B.o.B's own take on the classic song "Bonita Applebaum" by none other then A Tribe Called Quest. Theres always pressure when you take your own approach, or try to re-do a song.. especially a A Tribe Called Quest song, theres always that inevitible critism not far behind. But B.o.B is no joke.. the joint came out amazing and he deserves all the recognition hes been recieving as late. Keep it up and check it out.

Be sure to check out B.o.B's new mixtape that should be hitting later in the week entitled "B.o.B vs Bobby Ray the mixtape," you'll be able to get it here from earmilk when it drops.


B.o.B - Put Me On

And of course that classic dopeness..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46c8AqzjLCg&feature=related



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