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Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May partners with national charity Crisis for poignant video "Home"

Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May has partnered – in association with Musicians Against Homelessness. - with Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, to produce a powerful video set to her poem “Home,”taken from her recently released poetry EP Slip of the Tongue. The release also supports Crisis’ new Home For All campaign, which aims to make sure that everyone who has temporarily housed during the pandemic are able to find permanent homes later on.

On the gooseflesh-inducing “Home,” the noted singer and wordsmith strips back and reflects on her own experiences with absolute sincerity as she delves into themes of comfort and love. Her soft voices rings true for countless people as she recites ; "When you open your heart and let me alone. You'll know who I am, because I feel like home." 

Inspired by her personal struggles with making ends meet - as well as the raw, vulnerable stories of the awe-inspiring people she has met throughout her life- Imelda’s goal with this poignant offering is bringing everyone together to lend a hand to those who need it. The song is set to heartfelt visuals that showcase the kind of people that people Crisis supports every day and helping people find a home, a job, looking after their health and wellbeing etc.

Speaking of the track and the video, Imelda said: “Having a home provides a safety that most of us take for granted. Especially since lockdown, we realise that it’s what we need to survive. It allows us to work, play, cook, feed our families, entertain, relax, and so much more. It is hard to imagine not having the basic protection of four walls and a roof.”

Watch the video for "Home" below: 

You can find out more about the Home For All campaign here

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