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Listen to BROCKHAMPTON's New Beats 1 Radio Show, "Things We Lost in the Fire"

BROCKHAMPTON, the boy band that skyrocketed to notoriety in 2017, had gone quiet in terms of new music this year. After releasing an anthology of three albums worth of music all at once, the band became preoccupied by a heavy touring schedule and some internal conflict stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct against the now ex-member, Ameer Vann. The first song from the upcoming BROCKHAMPTON project(s) was released last week, titled "1999 WILDFIRE." It was accompanied by a vague tweet by Kevin Abstract hinting at a "whole lotta" new tracks coming this Summer... If SATURATION I, II, and III were any indication, this could mean we're in for another BROCKHAMPTON-dominated year of music. Their Beats 1 radio show, Things We Lost in The Fire, (which was released yesterday at 10 PM EST) is a mash-up of tracks from an expansive number of genres and eras. It goes from Pat Benatar, to Drake, to Pixies, and then back to Lil Jon; although the list appears haphazard, each track is absolutely a Summer jam. Listen to Things We Lost in The Fire here, and watch out for the hashtag #TWLTF; fans may be getting a new music video sooner than we think.

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