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ZHU announces firs BLACKLIZT show to hit New York City in June

One month ago, ZHU took aim at the mainstream dance scene with the release of his latest single "Nightcrawler" and a cryptic video alluding to The Blacklizt. After some time in silence, ZHU has announced the first iteration of the project, that will include a two-day show in New York City. Following the "undisclosed location" formula for local warehouse parties, as well as the tone of all of his announcements so far, we expect this to take a dark, noir point of view on dance music. The NYC show will take place June 24-25th, and you can head to this Facebook page for more information, or text 'z' to 310-439-9666 to attend.

This comes in tandem with the release of ZHU's remix of Gorillaz's "Andromeda" with D.R.A.M.

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