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Porter Robinson unveils new 'Shelter' animation project

Electronic music has been waiting graciously at the feet of Porter Robinson and Madeon to hear more about their collaborative project, Shelter. Though the guys have been on the eponymous tour for a few weeks now, we're still waiting on more album details and beyond the project's title track. But just a few moments ago, Robinson unveiled something new via Twitter: an animated project called Shelter, The Animation. The project is another collaboration, teaming up with A1 Production, the Sony Entertainment-owned Japanese animation house headed up by producer Mikihiro Iwata. If you're unfamiliar with A1, it is a division of Aniplex, and was founded in 2005 to animate its parent company's programs. But since its founding it's grown to be a full animation house, leading the industry with a multitude of productions and activities.

This isn't Porter Robinson's first foray into anime, as we saw with the style's influence on 2014's Worlds.  

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