Album Review: Krystalmath - Krystalmath

Album Review: Krystalmath - Krystalmath
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Here at EARMILK, we're always on the lookout for rising talent and have a spot spot for sugary yet intellectual electro-pop. Krystalmath AKA Rebecca Rossi is the epitome of what's trending in the genre, full of euphoric synths, vocals and (sometimes) dark lyrics. Rossi has a unique history in that she is classically trained but can also collaborate with rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep on her debut album. The native New Yorker went her own way after a stint in conservatory to write her own version of pop, dance-y music with band members Erika Omundson and Ian Fiedorek

Opener track "Same Mistake," really began to put Krystalmath on the map in preparation for the albums release, with 66,000 plays on Spotify and counting on Spotify's "New Music Tuesday Playlist" last week. 

On second track "Never Break Ur Heart" we get some synthy, distinctly 80's vibes that take us to that place every woman has been in, waiting for a man whose heart she'd never break and yet he'll continue to break hers. 

"Say That You Love Me," brings us a pounding beat, slight claps and euphoric vocals and that tagline "I want to live without regret," that everyone can relate to. It describes how just one moment can change you. 

My personal favorite from the album is "Undercover," that is lush with vocal reverb, drum splashes and glorious synths. I think that my favorite part was the message contained within because haven't we all felt as though we need to hide certain parts of ourselves? 

There is something about this entire electro-pop gem that is intrinsically feminine and it's exactly what we need in an industry oversaturated with fist-pumps and "EDM." 

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Krystalmath - Krystalmath


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