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Glassio speaks to a relatable feeling with "If Love Is All It Takes"

Do you ever feel stuck in the same place and nothing you do seems to get you out of it? Then Glassio’s "If Love Is All It Takes" is the song for you. With glossy, dream-pop arrangements and light, passionate vocals, it is easy to get swept up in this airy tune. The track is delicate yet possesses a lot of power as he sings, “If love is all it takes, how come I’m so blue, ” unfiltered emotion spilling out of even the simplest of lyrics. 

Irish-Iranian indie dance artist Glassio, AKA Sam R, is a singer, songwriter and also a producer. He beautifully blends electronic, new wave and dance music, creating a sound that truly sets him apart. In 2018, Glassio turned into a solo project and he released his debut EP, Age of Experience. That EP put him on the map and now he continues to ride the wave of success. He hopes this latest track can have that same momentum. The talent reveals, “the song is a bit of an ode to the burnout myself and many of my friends were feeling toward the end of 2020.” Check out Glassio’s wistful tune now. 

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