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Nora Lilith releases the expansive 'Daysof8' EP

Majestic Casual signee Nora Lilith shares her debut EP Daysof8. It's an expansive project that delightfully showcases her vibrant sound palette and reveals that her DIY approach to creating music is one that serves her well. A combination of electronic, jazz and house, Daysof8 promises a whirlwind of influences to sink your teeth in. 

Opening with the glitchy "Daysof8" single, it's a crunchy soundscape with inflected synthetic sounds and padded beats that introduces us into her world of introspection. On "Button", Lilith layers delicate vocals upon an electronic backdrop that plays on the contrasting sounds. Its jazz-fuelled bass line offers a groovy texture whilst the sonic whirs and dazzles its listeners into a safe space. While the recent single "Wake" is an alluring piece of artistic expression - there's almost a sultry undertone to its melodies - it's the piano-led single "Misfed" that simmers for a while, allowing a breather to reflect. Taking a house turn on "Yolk", a powerful punchy track who's broody heady club beats are choppy and confining, "My Only", the final track on the EP, is a hazy, glistening track that rounds off the work's nicely, like a warming sunrise.

“This EP to me feels like an assortment of sonic experiments and inner world reflections. I feel like the energetic range of these tracks is a direct outcome of the varying timelines these tracks were created on, some very old and some newer, and some written on the same day," Lilith explains. "This project to me is a reflection of that journey of overcoming inner turmoil through curiosity and allowing the freedom to appreciate my creations and my being in the wake of fear.”

Nora Lilith's artistic path is based on one of self-expression. Unconfined by expectation and finding freedom in the notions to explore the sound world around her, Daysof8 is an experimental body of work that encapsulates the essence of Lilith's left-field tones. Her sounds might be commercially unconventional, but the excitement that she provokes while you're sinking into her world is electrifying. Daysof8 is truly an EP that delivers.

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