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Death By Piano share their reflective new video “Do I”

Daring dark wave group Death By Piano, unveil their new visuals for “Do I”. The spine-shilling song studies exploitation and its effect on the self.  The evocative video depicts an artist taken advantage of by cruel spectators. In this highly thought-provoking piece Death By Piano front-woman KALEN is being used and abused by the audience. Stripped of her dignity by having different bizarre experiments performed on her, it begs the question…do I let this awful mistreatment continue. The track’s haunting electro soundscapes pair seamlessly with the video’s concept.

Brooklyn-based band Death By Piano often go between dark wave and shoegaze, creating a uniquely spellbinding sound. KALEN has collaborated with Brooklyn’s most notable electronic producers such as No Surrender, Abe Seiferth and Greywolf to name a few. Creating an otherworldly, atmospheric sound, Death By Piano’s music has become a big part of New York’s underground scene. Their offerings push listeners to confront feelings that have been bubbling below the surface. This new release definitely takes you on an emotional journey. KALEN reveals, "The music video takes the question of change, ultimatums, and growth outside the realm of a romantic relationship and begs an examination of change at a more societal level. Do I make this change? Do we make this change? YES! Now."  

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