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Kharfi shares energizing new single, "Breathing"

Italian electronic artist Kharfi has shared a new track called "Breathing", the third single from his upcoming sophomore album. It has been a busy year for the musician, who has released a series of upbeat, energetic tracks including "Unlikely" with Florida pop duo Xuitcasecity. His streak of of dynamic, zesty offerings continues with "Breathing", a fun-loving joint song that has us jumping out of our seats. 

"Breathing"'s pumping, bubbly rhythm is immediately catchy, bolstered by bouncy percussion and rubbery bass. Overtop, summery, playful synths and spirited vocals create an uplifting mood, effectively balancing out the heavier rhythm section. The song builds steadily by adding layers of synths before dropping into an infectious, glitchy groove that gives this track immense replay value. With overall production that is glossy and warm, this track is an engaging offering that just makes us want to move immediately.

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Bass · Dance · Electronic


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