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Justus Bennetts soars with new anthem "Bad Day"

Justus Bennetts, a North Carolina native, has been making waves slowly but steadily, with his impressive energy and vocal cadences. After a streak of TikTok virality and solid cuts, he has broken through to the next tier with his next single, “Bad Day”. The track is soaring, and it has all the makings of a hit.

“Bad Day” is anthemic from start to finish. It’s filled with energy, relatable lyrics, and a catchy chorus. Bennetts belts out his anger, as he wishes the worst for someone who did him wrong. The songwriting is simple yet effective, as everyone has felt that anger and distaste for someone in their life. Bennetts’s vocal delivery is impressive, as it’s filled with power and energy. His sentiments throughout the track are palpable. Production-wise, the track is carried by some simple drums and a bouncy guitar loop. Altogether, it’s the perfect track to scream at the top of your lungs when someone is making you feel a way.


Connect with Justus Bennetts: Instagram | Spotify



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