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Dominican songwriter NAVY drops versatile and soulful EP BLEU

Dominican songwriter NAVY drops powerful EP BLEU, delivering a collection of eight tracks spanning hip-hop and soul, with her strong voice stretching languidly through it. Highlighting her pride in her heritage, the EP thrums with the cultural brilliance of Navy’s Caribbean roots. Groovy with smooth tropical influences, the EP is enjoyable and fearless in equal parts.

Opening with sleek, summery sensibilities of “Patra,” and moving into electro-tinged “Scorpios Letter,” the EP immediately establishes Navy’s versatility. With its heart set on breaking down the barriers around culturally and socially important issues such as oppression and slavery, BLEU develops as a body of work that effortlessly balances a polished modernity with signature styles.

If stand-out lead single “Diamonds,” acts as a radical hip hop hymn driving home serious narratives of the historical abuse of black people, on the other end  the jazzy style of “One Shot,” draws us in with its danceable vibes. Hazy in parts and playful in others, tracks like “LMK,” and “Tower,” Navy is confident and creative throughout the EP, never letting the high quality of her music dip beyond the standard she has consistently set.

Coming to a sharply crafted close with the pulsing beats of “Pity,” and the remix of “Scorpios Letter,” the EP acts as an impressive culmination of several successful releases as her laid-back yet driven artistry evolves with the combined power of poignant song writing and stylish instrumentals. Heartening at times, and heartbreaking at others, BLEU is a symbol of constant creativity and strength coming together to impress and impact listeners.

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