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Rising electronic artist NICOLAS drops pensive track "High Speed"

Electronic artist NICOLAS drops pensive offering “High Speed,” showcasing an ethereal soundscape built on booming bass lines and catchy beats. A melodic house number tinged with melancholia, the track captures the high-energy vibes of the dancefloor, in a tasteful glimpse of the rising musician’s upcoming project, EP Two.

Interwoven with his signature style of distorted vocals, the track thrums with intellect in its instrumental interrogation of society as it questions the complexity and quickening lack of control in the fast-paced digital universe we live in, ushering us to ask ourselves “Did we push too far ? Is It already too late to stop and turn around?”

A follow-up to his recent contemplative production “When The Lights Go Down,” this latest offering sees NICOLAS quickly establishing an artistic style that is nostalgic and world-wise yet rooted in constant evolution and modernity. Only having debuted last year with single “You & Me,” in collaboration with David, the up-and-coming act uses this dreamy production as a way to remind people to feel and live in the moment, even as we get more out of touch with each other in the age of the Internet.

Of his music and its message he says, “Even if I’m part of what they call generation Z, I miss the world of my parents. Relationships have changed, the world has changed, love has changed. Even if I’m thankful for internet’s abilities in many ways, it can’t remind me of how I feel today. I’m using music to express my feelings and have a record of who I am

Expressive and transformative, NICOLAS represents a stunning symbiosis between classic soundscapes and the influence of the digital world as he makes music with an autobiographical sentiment. Rising to stardom, with sonics that capture him in moments, both memorable and mundane, as his music comes to life with the power of his feelings, thoughts and emotions.

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