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Cassie Dasilva's 'Enough' EP is what you need after a breakup

Cassie Dasilva's songs and perfectly matched aesthetically pleasing videos seemed to be all over TikTok this past year. Her debut EP, Enough, is the culmination of a breakup with some light at the end of the tunnel.

The quick guitar strumming, stream-of-conscious lyrics create a sense of urgency in "We Might Need To Break Up" it sets the tone for this whole project. Dasilva's lyrics hit hard, and she doesn't hold back. She sings, "I'm obsessing about the things I can't change, so I shift the blame and put it on you."

The most revealing and hard-hitting track, "Unsolicited Contact," blew up for its all-too-real lyrics telling the story of an ex hitting her up on her birthday. The song gained over a million views on Tik Tok, and the way she tells the story is fascinating and even addicting.

The pastel themes and sugary vocals cover her more intense moments in "Darkside" with shimmery melodies that build up until the release in the chorus. Dasilva's aesthetics may seem overly saccharine, but she hides these little jabs into her lyrics that hit out of nowhere.

The EP, as a whole, focuses on the duality of breakups and falling in love. She says in a recent press release, "I've found in my experience that love and heartbreak aren't sequential. They're not always independent of one another, and it's entirely possible to experience feelings of heartbreak, anger, and frustration while completely falling in love with someone new."

The vulnerability in this EP stands out. It's like she's talking to her audience as a best friend in a confiding moment. Her ability to pinpoint specific details throughout a relationship ties this EP together. The closing song "Enough" it's almost a triumphant declaration. She doesn't want a lot, she just wants one thing, and she's done the work to get there. It rounds the project out in a way that feels hopeful, a true romantic at heart.

This EP was made by an all-female production team. She craved a feminine perspective due to the introspective nature of this project, and it's easy to feel that throughout the songs. Dasilva has found her footing and it delivers. 

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