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“Don’t See Why” you wouldn’t listen to Sunshine Boysclub’s newest track

Summer’s not over yet, and Sam Martin aka Sunshine Boysclub has got the track to cure any summer restlessness and angst. Today, he shares his new single, “Don’t See Why”, an electro-pop jam, a tease at his upcoming album.

The track carries a mix of upbeat indie-pop and electronic energy with lightning bolt guitar riffs. One might even mistake it for Tame Impala with Martin’s wavy, falsetto vocals and the bumping bass line. It will have listeners swimming in pools of orange and magenta. Martin even delivers that feeling in his accompanying music video, shot with just the headlights of a car and a $8 flashlight on the beaches of Mexico. He proves that you don’t need much money to have a great time, just music and dancing will do the trick.

Despite the groovy sound, this is still a very reflective track. Sunshine Boysclub said, "‘Don't See Why’ expresses the difficulties of letting go of other people's expectations. The idea was inspired by witnessing someone close to me hit bottom. Their situation forced me to take a look at my own mistakes and patterns and the song became a reflection of my own life. […] Spending too much time chasing other peoples' idea of what your life should look like can leave you at the end of the wrong road."

“Don’t See Why” comes off his forthcoming debut album due out this September.

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