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Angeloumae drops “Dance For Me” ahead of upcoming EP

Angeloumae is a London-based songstress pushing the envelope for female empowerment and expression through music. Her latest release, “Dance For Me,” is a sensual R&B record that features her smooth vocal tones, catchy melodies, and a heavy-bass beat that flows like a river through the song. The track comes with a Summer nighttime feel that could captivate the listeners throughout the song’s duration. The new single arrives ahead of the singer’s forthcoming project, slated to release later this year.

Speaking on the song, Angeloumae shares, "I was inspired to write this when I first heard the beat, I fell in love with the heavy bass and even the sample. I knew from the beginning, I wanted to make women feel more dominant, sexy, and empowered so with the lyrics, I wanted to write from a more powerful perspective rather than a submissive one."

Self-managed, Angeloumae released her debut single “Love Don’t” in June 2019 and since then she has released more singles showcasing her wide range of styles and abilities. Putting together her team in 2019, she also creatively directs her own shoots, writes her own music, and likes to dive deep and be fully involved when expressing herself through her art.

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