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Yakul asks "What Does It Feel Like?"

Brighton-based soul and jazz fusion band Yakul switch up the energy on their newest effort titled "What Does It Feel Like?." The track starts off with a jagged spacey soundscape that punches through the speakers with its intensity and layered arrangement. Frontman James Berkeley leads the charge with an emotive performance as he asks "where does it end?" over the engulfing backdrop. He explores the trippiness of groundhog day and the effects of living through a cyclical day at the expense of his sanity. 

The production done here is marvelous and strays far from the norm with its psychedelic vibe. The rousing start adds further depth to the heartfelt lyrics as it slowly deconstructs itself into a more relaxed and calm sound towards the end. The switch-up is brilliant as the band takes us back to their jazz roots with an improv-styled arrangement with plucked guitars, soft keys, and slightly offbeat drum grooves. For sure, their approach on this tune is experimental but it works for the theme with its dynamic style that ebbs and flows to create tension and the welcomed resolution at the end.

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