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Evenson reminds us to keep the faith with his new single, “Walking On A Ledge”

Sometimes we feel so isolated, but are we ever really alone? Evenson finds the silver lining within the pain in his new single, “Walking On A Ledge.” The intense tune thrills us with deep passionate vocals soaring atop penetrating percussion. The track was written shortly after he learned of the death of someone he knew in high school. With an already tough year brought about by the pandemic, he spiraled further into anxiety.  The song reminds us though that there is still so much worth fighting for. You can hear that fight within his close-to-the-chest lyrics and persistent tone. His words hit hard as he sings, “You give me reasons to keep pushing on/ You hear my voice it makes you strong/ Move along.” That message of obtaining strength through inspiring others is an extremely powerful one.

The indie-pop artist is known for his bold releases that break the mold. Evenson’s assertive, vehement vocals capture his deep drive and determination. This latest offering, though, might be his most daring delivery yet. Within the track’s vulnerability, there is something so fearless. The young talent reveals, “This song is about the unique relationship I have with my fans and music in general. When I had no one to go to during the pandemic, I had music, and my fans had me. Through this special bond, I'm able to touch on and express themes of hopeful optimism.”

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