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Terry Presume's "None Of This Alone" will instantly make your day better

We are lucky to live in an era of music where it seems like ultra-talented superstars are discovered almost every day, in the most unlikely of places.  Terry Presume is just that; a surefire, bonafide superstar born in unassuming Naples, Florida before relocating to Nashville.  A refreshingly carefree performer, Presume surprises and excites audiences again with his happy-go-lucky new single, "None Of This Alone."

The new track is an exemplary piece of indie hip-hop goodness.  Simply composed but with some satisfying lyrical depth, Presume makes magic out of a few basic chords and his distinctively raw and personal vocals.  A genre chameleon, the Nashville artist gives us another eclectic combination between indie, soul, and hip-hop where each genre is able to co-exist peacefully.  It's a wholly self-assured and freeing track that can't help but brighten your day, especially with its unique lyric video.  "I'm just a number on your phone away," Presume sings as he dances amongst parked cars and train tracks with an infectious smile and presence.  

Terry is due to release his debut EP What Box? in late July which will include "None Of This Alone" and his standout single "ZaZa and Some Runtz (Smoke Break)."  Already somewhat of a critical darling, it's easy to see why Presume has been able to capture the attention of fans and music media alike.  He's effortlessly real and true to himself, someone that needs no major label support to capture the hearts and minds of the public.   

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Hip-Hop · Indie · Main Stage


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