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Prado shares electrifying new EP "PRADO MONROE"

Vancouver artist Prado has shared an electrifying EP called PRADO MONROE—an adrenaline-fuelled concoction of sonically powerful new tracks. 

PRADO MONROE starts with the layered, defiant opener "STEPHEN". Over top of raw synths and rich bass, Prado delivers powerful, engaging vocals that introduce her charismatic style. She comes through with some sharply written verses and a truly memorable hook on this song, exciting the listener from the get-go. Next, the energy is calmed for the mellower "DRIP", which is centred around warm guitars and spacey keys. Underneath, clean percussion and robust bass create a strong foundation for Prado's vocals, which are catchy and exciting on this track.

Furthermore, the album highlight "GUCCI STORE" is an anthemic, glamorous track that provides some of her most captivating verses. It ups the energy to scorching levels with an instrumental that contains spirited synths and booming percussion. Lastly, the EP closes out with the immense "MEN IN BLACK", featuring glorious synths and whimsical keys backed by rugged bass and head-banging drums.

Overall, PRADO MONROE is an exciting release, and Prado shows undeniable potential throughout the project. This EP is engaging and full of character, capturing her unique style and persona with grace. Moreover, it has a lot of replay value, but is also intricate and layered, keeping the listener on their toes. 

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Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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