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Nana M. Rose highlights our highs and lows in new EP, 'Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds'

Soulful singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose unveils her new EP, Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds. The five-track release is a carefully crafted collection illustrating the roller coaster ride of life. From light, wistful indie-folk to powerful pop ballads, the EP dives into Rose’s most intimate thoughts. We have all gone through moments of pure pain, but also experienced the most incredible highs. In this body of work every emotion is stunningly put on display.

Through exploring the polarity of her emotions during the creation of the EP, her reinvention of self and opening of her new path seeps out the fresh, innocent aura of the release. The tenderness and deep dives of dynamic changes gives us a touch on the songwriter’s rebirth into her newfound self. “Love Me Like I Love You” embodies the swooping array of emotion in the layers, entering in a warmhearted, intimate piano motif with Rose’s melodic lyrical delivery. The track builds into a mountain of soaring strings harmonizing in a dance of honesty and authenticity. Giving us a glimpse into the excitement and restrain of peace, the track emits a calm wash in between the bigger, blooms in the soundscape. 

The contrast of emotions flood your ears through the catalog of tracks. Perhaps the most satisfying part is the order of singles in Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds. The initial energized and calming single “4am” shows us the initial burst into freedom of Rose’s new chapter. Whimsical strings over the groove-slapping bass show a beautiful mirror reflection of the romantic and exciting elements of starting over, while the uncertainty of life comes through with an innocent eagerness. “Sweet Honey” is a colorful track just as satisfying as the name itself. With deep vocals dripping across the eccentric soundscapes, the hypnotizing piece possesses a seductive charm. Finishing with the delicate “Dream,” her haunting vocals truly shine. The bold ballad is an ode to her family and their unconditional love and dedication. Throughout the track you can feel her radiant, raw passion. Through exploring her life she puts a transparent lens over her heart and mind as she shows us how her experiences have shaped her.

Despite the calm and vulnerable essence of Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds, you cannot deny the wisdom and power displayed through her ballad-esque vocals. Through finding herself, her strength shines through the grounded, mighty vocal range, which are reminiscent of Adele. The emotional glaze allows us to see the side of Rose who has come so far, developing into the robust, independent woman she is.

With a fan base spanning all across the globe. Her music exudes a magnetic quality, pulling you deeply in. Through her buttery tone and personal lyrics each stage of her life is beautifully detailed.  The singer reveals, ''The contradictions really portray the duality of feelings for me. While writing this EP I went through my own journey of self reinvention, and this search contained a lot of contrasting feelings that confused me.” 

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