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KOATES shows strength in vulnerability on "Somebody New"

Looped with an introspective nature, South London newbie KOATES shares the honest, personal new single "Somebody New". Written during a late night writing session, the single is a delicate pop single that hooks you in with its anthemic choruses.

Featuring a powerful chorus that evokes that moment of returning to what we think is best for us, despite that ever being the right choice. It's hard to move on from a relationship, especially when you think going back to what you know is the easiest option. On "Somebody New", KOATES addresses those feelings and allows himself to feel them, processing it and understanding that it's okay to feel like that. 

“I am a naturally nocturnal artist and for whatever reason I never question it, my best hours of creative song writing come through the night and very often in my dreams. ‘Somebody New’ was no exception. I recorded my vocals in my room at 4am. I am a nightmare to live with. I wrote ‘Somebody New’ at a time when I found myself desperate to return to an ex-lover. I noticed that I was looking for her traits in everyone new that I met and the lyric ‘now I feel like all I do is try to find you in somebody new’ is for her. In fact it’s for all of us that we recognise that we may have made a big mistake”.

There's a beauty in the simplicity of this song. The mellow, but anthemic melodies are captivating. At the heart of "Somebody New" is a delicate piano melody that allows the instrumentation to embellish it without taking away the core sounds. KOATES highlights the strength in vulnerability, and with this track, it's hard not to fall in love with his ability to say exactly what you're feeling. 

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Dreampop · Pop · U.K.


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