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Artist Endearments releases delicate pop lovesong "Anica"

The newest track from Kevin Marksson, aka dream pop artist Endearments, “Anica” is out today, blessing the ears of any listeners who come across its path. A lovesong about the tingling excitement of a new crush, Endearments brings that feeling to life with delicate and poised drum beat with 80s-inspired synths and a grooving electric guitar. Marksson’s vocals are soft, fitting with the tender and dreamy vibe. Fans of artists like Dayglow or Peach Pit might gravitate towards his sweet sound.

Marksson said himself, “The song is meant to be a little bit sexy and hopeful. […] It’s about that moment when you realize you love someone, and they love you back, but neither of you have said it out loud yet.”

“Anica” is Endearments’ second release. His debut “Left Side” took on a sad, synthy lounge atmosphere that’s hard not to dance to just a little. Based on just these two tracks, the artist shows a lot of promise. Everyone should be curious as to what kind of bittersweet chill vibes he’s going to stirring up.

Connect with Endearments: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Instagram

Alt-Pop · Indie · Indie Pop


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