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Charli pays tribute to men in her new single "Boys"

Los Angeles based electro-pop artist Charli is turning up the summer heat with her intoxicating new dance single “Boys.” Best known for her catchy, empowering tunes about triumphing life’s challenges, her latest single offers a slightly different message, calling for a big celebration in honor of - you guessed it, men!

"Boys" sounds refreshingly earnest as it is seductive, with provocative vocal melodies woven into a deeper message of understanding, acceptance, and heartfelt appreciation. Charli confides, “the song is an ode to every man because they are truly beautiful, and we often forget to tell them that we love them. Most of the time, we are saying this to women and I think it's important to not forget the men too.” The song starts off in Charli’s signature style, dropping a club-ready beat with straight-to-the-point lyrics. The first verse immediately puts you on the dance floor, complete with sultry, whispering vocals and well-executed buildups. The hook is confident and sassy, making you want to let your hair down and go with the groove. Overall, Charli's timing couldn't be more perfect for this lush and flavorful summer banger that delivers a feel-good vibe during a time when people need it most.

Originally from France, Los Angeles based emerging pop artist Charli is beginning to make waves in the music scene. With a background in both music and theatre, she brings elements from both disciplines to everything she creates.  Most recently, her first short film The Time Left received several awards such as Best Actress and Best Musical Film in Silk Road Festival and Best Original song at the Indie Short Festival in Los Angeles. Currently, Charli is preparing for her European Dreamsea music tour in July.

Check out Charli's  “Boys” and here's a toast to all the fabulous men in our lives!

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