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The Steoples announce upcoming album with a gorgeous new single

For fellow travelers in the music world on a perpetual quest to find the most fresh and unique sounds, listening to The Steoples will be more than worth your time. The Los Angeles duo of GB and Yeofi, who describe their sound as “avant-soul,” have a fascinating catalogue of thoughtful, groovy, and wholly original music, and they have announced a new album with the release of the project’s title track “Wide Through the Eyes of No One.” The full LP is due out on August 6 via Stones Throw.

The single offers another example of The Steoples’ outside-the-box approach with a mesmerizing, almost meditative production that is accentuated with some heavenly repeating horn lines. Floating over the top of the swirling musical stew are the breezy vocal lines that explore ideas around identity and transcendence. With the title referring to “presence in the unconditional mind,” the heady words pair well with the song’s lush instrumentals. “Wide Through the Eyes of No One” exhibits The Steoples’ deft skill in blending earnest, meaningful lyrical themes with soulful vocal delivery and of course, abundantly imaginative music. These elements should make the forthcoming LP one to remember.

Connect with The Steoples: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Alternative R&B · Electronic · Feature · Soul


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