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Jet off to outer space with BAD in "Jupiter"

With all this talk about the government reports on UFOs and Tesla's investment in going to Mars, one can't help but be intrigued by the idea of life on another planet.  In the new single "Jupiter" by NYC funk pop duo BAD,  extraterrestrial life is not a speculation but a reality, and a fun one at that.  The single is all about partying with our alien friends and enjoying an existence full of disco balls, outer space DJs, and dancing while floating near satellites in space.  "Jupiter" was also inspired by the pandemic and feeling the need to escape to another reality. The result is not only a hopeful and joyous message of having a good time within a community, but also of the importance of togetherness.  Despite the differences we all have, BAD shows us all how to throw an amazing party, let loose, and look to a better future together. 

Sonically, the track soars with funky soundscapes, thumping bass, and out of this world layered vocals. BAD's signature sound takes influence from not only 80's synth bands but also 70's disco singers.  Their unique juxtaposition of sounds include dazzling keys and colorful blaring brass all thrown in with dazzling electro pop vibes, making for sing-along songs with a unique flavor. Julia Brex of the band confides, "We want this song to help spin us out of this state of retrograde we've been living in, feeling like everything is upside down and turn it around." 
BAD is Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman, who met as teenagers and have been collaborating musically since. In 2018, they started the duo and released their first single "Refresher".  Since then, the band has released tracks one by one and built a fervent fanbase who are attracted to their adventurous music and carefree lyrics. 
Take a listen to "Jupiter" now and practise your dance moves for our friends on other planets.... 
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