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Jonathan Roy takes stock of his environment with new EP “My Lullaby”

Canadian singer-songwriter Jonathan Roy drops his expressive 7-track EP “My Lullaby”.  The courageous offering is all about stepping outside your normal surroundings to discover your true potential. Inspired by his many wondrous adventures, each song bursts with so much depth and heart.

Beginning with the roaring release “Keeping Me Alive”, its gritty, driving quality exudes an Imagine Dragons-esque feel. Through fiery vocals and booming arrangements, his penetrating passion erupts. Slowing things down with “Lights of Los Angeles”, this tender tune beautifully details his move to the sunny city. With lyrics such as “feel the warmth of the ocean wind and the taste of salt on the tip of my lips,” his stunning imagery allows listeners to see it in their mind’s eye. His gentle guitar riffs and breathtaking tone lull you into pure calming bliss. “Walk Out on Me” is a poignant piece narrating the fear that your partner will leave you. It focuses on a desire to keep someone close even if your selfish nature makes it hard for them to hold on. Starting off soft and building into an explosive middle, there is so much rich, raw emotion throughout. It is these and other spirited tracks that make this EP so captivating.

Inspired by John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne, he evokes that masterful flair for storytelling. Through his many profound life experiences, he has truly grown as an artist. Known for his moving music that contemplates his life's direction and purpose, we feel so connected to his journey. The talent reveals, “It took me leaving my comfort zone, buying (and living) in a van to find myself again. My songs reflect that – and reflect that recharge that I needed. Not only in my artistic life, but in my personal life as well.”

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4 months ago

The Imagine Dragons reference, I had that exact same thought. Love the article. Beautifully written.