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Cafuné announce debut album, 'Running', release their lead single, "High"

Most college projects get tucked away into aptly titled folders on a computer, hidden from plain sight, rarely to ever even be thought of again. But for NYU alums Noah Yoo and Sedona Schat, their project— their alt pop group, Cafuné— was just too precious to tuck away. In fact, it is what kept them grounded through the post-grad transition, and more recently, during a global pandemic, ultimately leading to the recording of their debut album, Running, out on July 20th via their own Aurelians Club label. While it will include previously released singles, "Tek It" and "Want Me Out," the duo just released their official lead single, "High." 

The slightest parallel can be made between "High" and BENEE and Gus Dapperton's breakout single, "Supalonely." The same use of a languid melody, hidden in a delicate perfume of electric guitars and unassuming percussions, catches your breath in the first few beats. But where this track breaks away is Schat's creamy vocals, wrapping around Yoo's bright guitar plucks like luscious silk, singing "I'm over the line / Still sane, I'm feeling just fine / So much better than I am most of the time." An intimate look at the isolating effects of depression on close relationships, it casts away its breezy summer status and adds a little more depth with honest lyrics and bared down instrumentals. 

Cafuné's debut album, Running, is out 7/20 on Aurelians Club. Pre-order it here

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