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Trent Madison offers his escape from "Reality" [Video]

You'd be hard pressed to find another artist like Trent Madison.  The Detroit-raised artist began his career as a model in the fashion world before rededicating himself to his long-time love of music and inspiring kids to follow their dreams.  Still battling his own demons through his art, "Reality" is something of a cathartic dream-hip-hop banger, for lack of a defined genre, that finds Madison at his most infectious and engaging, spilling his soul over a lushly synth-laden wonderland.

The newest entry for Madison is an ethereal and ultra smooth cut that utilizes the singer's distinctively poignant, pitched up vocals.  A similarly wistful offering to Madison's last entry "Sleepless Nights", the new single is incredibly impactful and jarring with synths reminiscent of Stranger Things and bouncy 808s that pair with an infectiously sentimental chorus.  Accompanied by a piece of Liam Walsh-directed eye candy, the track is driven home by its resonating visuals.  Walsh, already with name-making collaborations with Sonder and Olivia Rodrigo, brings his signature visual artistry to elevate an already gorgeous and complex track.  Capturing VHS-era visuals spliced with strikingly vivid shots, the visual is cluttered and powerful, creating an ambiance that mirrors the cautious aloofness of the track.

No one is doing what Trent Madison is doing right now.  The sooner people acknowledge that, the better.  Definitively in his own lane, the commitment to storytelling and defiantly impassioned lyrics is inspiring and cathartic for any listener and lover of music.  Delivering one of the best music videos of the year thus far, you'll want to stay tuned closely to Trent Madison in the future.    

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