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Liza walks us through the highs and lows of relationships on 'DONE IS DONE'

Roll down your windows, slide those shades on, and get ready for a slow winding summer ride. Filled with beautifully painted sunsets, unexpected turns, and dark nights, singer-songwriter Liza’s new EP, DONE IS DONE, takes us on an emotive sonical journey of love and life. With buttery smooth vocals and jazzy R&B melodies, Liza drives us through the inception—and the inevitable ending—of a modern relationship.

With the rising of the sun, things start off on a bright note on “JULIANNE PORTER”. Liza’s petal-soft, almost sedative, melodies draw us in. A radiant escapade lies ahead and we have a front row view. On”‘ROLLA”, she captures the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of being enamoured in the presence of someone special. With uncertainty looming, Liza takes a risk, inviting a potential lover for a ride. Hair blowing in the wind, she's hopeful and optimistic. Heavenly soprano notes bounce from the aux to our ears, and we can't help but get in our feels.

An interlude marks the start of a bumpy road. “LANSDOWNE”, named after an artsy street in Liza's hometown, Toronto, has a more somber feel. She wonders if she made the wrong choice in letting her guard down. These shadows cast into “MEMORIZE FEELINGS”. She tries to shake off her insecurities, but ends up tallying her concerns, taking note of every feeling, both the good and bad.

Being vulnerable with her heart proves to be a mistake. While she was driving, her lover got sidetracked. On "DONE IS DONE", they've reached a dead end and communication is out the window. Being taken for granted is not a bridge Liza will cross, so the two decide to part. With grainy background noise and unhewn guitar chords, she captures the raw essence of love stories: things aren't always so picture perfect. Her deep contralto shows us a new side of Liza. Figuratively, she's over the same old cycles repeating. With melancholic organs, she lays to rest what's now just an old chapter.

The song ends abruptly on an unfinished note. Perhaps it alludes to another chapter in the pair's love story. But for now, done is indeed done.

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