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Bellaire takes us on a ‘Date At The Disco’

Providing a glimpse into his new project with singles "Daytime" and "My Love" last year, rising French producer and DJ Bellaire now unveils his full Date At The Disco EP.

The new release marks Bellaire’s third EP to date, following Saint Amour and Contrasts where he has moulded a sound that leads disco house to the forefront of the scene alongside the likes of fellow veterans of the genre including Folamour, SG Lewis, Demuja, Dam Swindle and more.

Featuring a joyous symphony of strings, Daytime kicks off the EP with sun-kissed keys and grooving riffs. “My Love” blends house and disco textures with twinkling pads and a compelling vocal hook. Bellaire explores his hometown roots of french touch in “French Coast”, introducing 80s synth stabs with a modern twist, marking the perfect sunset soundtrack. 

Meanwhile, “Hot Summer” delivers the heat with exotic conga drums and energetic house flavours, fuelled by the soul drenched vocals of Vanessa Jackson. Continuing the sultry summer groove, “Trumpet Call” is brought to life by legendary trumpeter, composer and producer Roy MarksonElsewhere, Bellaire explores his signature disco roots in "Ride It" featuring diva ready vocals from Amy Douglas who transforms the track into a funk filled jam.

Drawing the EP to a sizzling close, "Suzie" sees Bellaire demonstrate his versatile sonic palette, with indie-pop vocal fusions from BLOWSOM and Emma Hoet simultaneously underpinned by classic disco breakdowns and slick riffs that land the EP on a vibrant and flourishing high. Initially emerging into the spotlight with breakthrough single "Paris City Jazz" in 2017, Bellaire has showed no signs of slowing with his Date At The Disco EP marking his finest work yet.

Bellaire Date At The Disco is out now, buy stream here 

Connect with Bellaire: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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