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Lindon and RJay show us "The Vision" from the top of the city [Video]

Jersey-based artist Lindon releases another new visual "The Vision" featuring RJay - a soulful track filled with dreamy beats and high-level lyricism. 

Lindon recently re-released his new album Ego VS Soul 2, filled with a powerful duality that intertwines the two different sides of human nature. "The Vision" is one of the tracks that is intelligently pieced together and filled with intense and vivid wordplay, giving us all endless inspiration and motivation. Lindon's passionate tone is magnetic, as every word he utters is with precision and symbolic meaning. His witty lyricism tells the story of turning your dreams into reality as every single line is an impactful rhyme, effortlessly connecting to the next. When RJAy comes on the hook, he adds a soothing component to this track, as his angelic R&B voice gives us all chills. Every element in this visual is bound to have us addicted. Press play and see Lindon's vision come true to life. 
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