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Queer indie duo Boyish releases cinematic lo-fi track “Howls”

Boyish is Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter India Shore and guitarist Claire Altendahl. If you’ve heard any of their music, especially their 2020 album Garden Spider, you’ll know that they’re big fans of alt-pop sounds and candid lyricism. Whether it be personal insecurities or frustrations with the world, the duo enjoys honestly reflecting those feelings into music. Today, they do the same with the release of  their new EP We're all gonna die but here's my contribution featuring the single “Howls” accompanied by its music video. 

“Howls” is inspired by the 2004 anime film Howl’s Moving Castle. The two elaborated, “We wanted it to feel sonically like we were in the meadow with Howl as he eats a fallen star.”  The harmonies are angelic and the fuzzy guitars will make you feel all fuzzy inside in this lo-fi track. The duo manages to place us right in the middle of a coming-of-age film. Their EP promises more of that, as the two said, “We realized that life is very temporary but this EP is what we have to give and it will be stuck somewhere on the Internet forever. We had a lot of time for self-reflection and wrote our most honest music to date. We were so nostalgic at the time and every memory seemed to have extra weight to it, which we tried to translate into each song.”

Listen to Boyish to hear more of their authentic, passionate productions and lyrics. They’ll have you feeling like an existentialist, but also remind you that you’re not alone in your feelings.

Connect with Boyish: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Website

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