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Get sucked into IAMREBELWILL’s new single “Addicted”

Love is the greatest high and IAMREBELWILL’s latest single “Addicted” exudes that same feeling of being on cloud nine. The track possesses a weightless air through smooth vocals and shimmering instrumentation. Its groovy, atmospheric vibes make it the ultimate danceable pop paradise. The song details fully and courageously opening yourself up to love, as you navigate a relationship. The radiant release was co-written with Tafari Anthony and produced by Nick Katz. The tune emits a fresh, invigorating quality.

IAMREBELWILL is using his platform to challenge the stereotypes of mainstream music. Providing a voice to the LGTBQ+ and POC, he empowers underrepresented communities to stay true to themselves. “Addicted” speaks to that same sentiment of authenticity. Rebel reveals, “I spent a huge portion of my life afraid to be myself and this project allows me to finally be authentically Rebel!” The singer is known for his bold self-assurance and that confidence surges through the tender tune. Take a listen to this truly addictive single and you are sure to be hooked.

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