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Alt-rock newcomers PEAKS! share their emphatic single "Fired Up"

Turin-based alt-rock duo PEAKS! are new to the scene with their melodic rock but their newcomer status doesn't prevent them from setting the stage alight with their progressive sounds. Sharing their second single "Fired Up", the pair showcase their anthemic choruses with a plethora of alt-rock stylings that create a single drenched in powerful sonics. 

Written about the fragility of the human mind, "Fired Up" cuts through the depths of darkness with its emotive lyrics and warped chords. A reminder to be kind to ourselves and that 'normal' is just a facade, the single is a rousing piece of alt-rock that leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed. “Fired Up is about our mental health and how fragile we all are," explain the band. "In this specific case, the song portrays depression like a long-time friend that rears its ugly head from time to time,whilst we try to build a wall to avoid any kind of eye contact, we still pretend to act as ‘normal’."

PEAKS! have crafted a single with an important message and have paired it with an infectious, sing-a-long chorus that makes the track feel even more accessible. "Fired Up" is the start of a long trajectory for this duo and we're excited to see what the future holds for them. 

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