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Zosia ponders afterlife in EP Symptoms of Nature

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Zosia drops her introspective EP Symptoms of Nature—a striking five-track offering that touches on themes of anxiety, mortality, and finding meaning.

It is only fitting that the idea behind this latest project was conceived after taking a college course on Communication and Death. The bold opener “Water” wraps you up in its hypnotizing warmth as lush, passionate vocals offer an escape to mortal suffering. The magnetic feeling of “Matter” features sharp synths over smooth vocals that narrate the relatable fear of death and the destruction of all we keep close. The airy quality of "Alter" pairs perfectly to the overall higher power theme with its moving message. Detailing the comfort felt from believing those that die are still somehow with us, it is a reminder there is hope in the midst of loss. These poignant releases along with other captivating tracks make Symptoms of Nature a true musical triumph.

Zosia is known for her powerful tone that soars atop dynamic production. The talent creates alternate realities with her profound pieces, allowing listeners to drift away. Much of her lyrics focus on managing the stresses of living in a chaotic world. This new EP also deals with deep worry, but there is a soothing relief in it as well.

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