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Brother Valiant's "Wander" is a whimsical adventure

Indie folk and pop artist Brother Valiant is best known for his uplifting sing-a-long anthems and his ability to take traditional Americana melodies and elevate them with vibrant harmonies and unsurpassed rhythmical prowess.

Brother Valiant’s latest single “Wander” is the follow-up to his last release “Lady Daisy” and according to the press release further explores the “misadventures that emotional extremes take you on.” This spirited anthem starts off with a slow build where he focuses on connecting with the listener through earnest lyricism and pleasant strums of acoustic guitar, followed by the introduction of a bold and lively foot-tapping chorus that is sure to make you get up to dance and sing. Brother Valiant’s vocals are unmatched, delivering a rousing energy that is symbolic, adventurous, and signature to the artist’s magnetic sound. Although the song has deceptively deep undertones significant to Brother Valiant’s personal experience with life's missteps, the way that it's delivered makes it the kind of song that will inspire you to jump, and dance, without a care or worry in the world.

Brother Valiant was founded by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Amsterdam in the spring of 2013 in New Jersey.  He is recognized for his unique and infectious blend of Americana, rock, folk and pop sounds. His music reflects on the feelings and life lessons that go hand-in-hand with his adventurous spirit and from his personal experiences of growing up in a suburban town on the East Coast. From relationship struggles, achieving personal growth, and living in the moment, Brother Valiant has an uncanny ability to reflect on moments in life that teach us something valuable. 

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Acoustic · Folk Rock · Indie


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