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Mabes shares the honeyed new single "Sugarush"

UK-based singer-songwriter Mabes shaeres the country-infused single "Sugarush". Hailing from Essex but with a lifelong obsession of Nashville sonics, Mabes draws on elements of country and Americana to create a stylish pop blend. 

Built with guitar rhythms and an infectious bassline, "Sugarush" showcases Mabes' incredible tonal vocals. Since picking up a guitar at the young age of 15, Mabes' artistry has grown significantly. Influenced heavily by americana, which is evident in the looping guitar lines and elegant melodies, her lyricism also provides a honeyed narrative that offers an insight into her personal writing style. 

“The baseline came to me first, then the whistle," Mabes explains over email. "In the studio a groovy 70s psychedelic vibe was made and my lyrics sat on top like sprinkles on a cake - and Sugarush was born! I wanted to capture the sunny hypnotic psych mood in the video, make it dreamy and almost trippy - Kate Bellm got the vision and nailed it!”

Despite her Essex roots, there's a moment when you're listening to "Sugarush" that you forget that Mabes isn't from the US. Her soothing tones and glistening production showcase an artist on a continuous rise. 

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