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Kenny Mason turns heads with 'Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut'

Following up his 2020 LP, Angelic Hoodrat, 26-year old artist Kenny Mason recently delivered his 2021 at-bat, the 12-track colorful album, Angelic Hoodrat: SupercutMason's new album contains elusive raps and punk rock musicality, basically shattering all the walls that have been built around expression within the hip hop genre.

Mason formally introduced himself with last year's Angelic Hoodrat, but this time around he's back with major features like Denzel Curry, Ambar Lucid, and Grammy-nominated lyricist, Freddie Gibbs. Many of the songs on this collection were recorded during the global pandemic, and this LP shows his rapid artistic maturation.

From West Atlanta, coming up in Zone 3, he was blessed to grow up in the era where his city had been dominating the industry. He would be out and would hear music from Future, yet then he'd be on the internet and throw on some Foo Fighters. Atlanta is the home that Mason has said we would never want to leave. He speaks to what his life was like in songs on the record like "Partments", and has always opened the blinds to pictures of what the A's like in videos for "Hit". As Mason blends delivery styles of the likes of J.I.D. and Young Nudy, his lyrical content shares intimate feelings and the brutally honest imagery that arise with gun violence, societal cycles, and even police brutality.

Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut is executively produced by Julan Cruz.  There's so much variety in musical style within the project. With alternative rock sounds in songs like "Play Ball" where Mason shows simple and effortless rap melodies, to melancholy, slow-paced emotional singing in "Breathe Again". "Breathe Again" is a dark number featuring Ambar Lucid with a poetic verse with bars speak to street violence and voicing the grief that comes with it. A special distortion of Kenny's voice in the voice can be heard that ties to the entire record's dichotomy. The vocal manipulation in "Breathe Again" pitches high and low as a classic roller coaster, and so are the sounds on the album.

At the start of April, he released the single, "Rih" with a trap sound and sinister production. This drew many to the album to come just two weeks later. Kenny Mason has been growing into one of the more exhilarating artists today. If you're looking for an introduction, Supercut isn't too late of a spot to start.

Standouts tracks: "A+', "Play Ball". 

Connect with Kenny Mason: Instagram | Twitter | Website | Youtube | Apple Music



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