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Fiji Blue impresses with new track, "How Can I Tell You?"

For the past two years Fiji Blue, consisting of Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz, has been steadily growing and creating some really vulnerable and moving tunes. The duo is back with a melancholy yet hopeful EP, Reasons You Should Care. A highlight from the project is “How Can I Tell You?” which is accompanied by a self-shot video, released today. 


“How Can I Tell You?” is a mellow track filled with some beautiful and soothing vocals. Lyrically, the duo explores themes of loneliness and the unknown. The delivery is filled with emotion and vulnerability, keeping the track authentic and fresh. On the production side, it's filled with soft strumming guitars and stripped-back drums. The self-shot video follows the duo on a hot air balloon ride, with the editing and effects giving off a feeling of nostalgia and longing.

Fiji Blue never fails to capture a certain emotion, and their newest track “How Can I Tell You?” is no exception. Their debut EP is short but focused, and has the makings for great success. The pop duo is only just getting started.


Connect with Fiji Blue: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter  | Facebook | SoundCloud 

Indie · Pop


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